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Teaching Resource and Research Center

What is the TRRC?

With resources from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education (Title III), the Spelman College Teaching Resource and Research Center was established in the fall of 2007 to support the continued, long-term development of the faculty to meet the demands of 21st century teaching and learning.

TRRC has its roots in the rich tradition of Black women's commitment to the joyfulness of ideas, or what Anna Julia Cooper called, "the thumping from within unanswered by any beckoning from without." (1892)

Drawing on the interconnecting threads of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and feminist scholarship on engaged pedagogy and social transformation, TRRC is also committed to the commons, a space filled with the spirit of systematic inquiry and hope, and where private delights and dilemmas escape the classroom and are publicly shared (bell hooks, 2003; Hutchings, 2005)

About the Commons and the Center:  Explaining the Suitcases

A group of us sat around a table, thinking. A student of anthropology and an anthropologist, a poet, a graphics artist and art historian, and a sociologist pondered the question: How do we represent what we do? How do we represent the necessary discomfort and numerous gifts of interdisciplinarity? How do we represent a community sometimes in the marvelous disarray of competing/complementary ideas, and other times in the disciplined order of competition.

How do we visually represent the community so that it is (as the creative writer advised) welcoming to all ways of making meaning? The art historian quietly left the group, went to her computer and after a few minutes, called us in to take a look at the screen. We looked at the image of jumbled things, and said yes, this will do.

Characters: Robert Hamilton/Art, Akua McDaniel/Art, Opal Moore/English, Leeshah Murphy C'08/Sociology and Anthropology, Mona Phillips/Sociology and Anthropology, Daryl White/Sociology and Anthropology.

TRRC Goals

Center Director:
Mona Taylor Phillips, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology

Administrative Assistant:
Natasha Brown-Jones

Center Location:
Giles Hall Room G16, Spelman College, 350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta GA. 30314

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