Academics: Faculty

Kimberly M. Jackson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Spelman College
350 Spelman Lane, SW
Box 1134
Atlanta, GA 30314
404-270-5792 (office)
404-270-5753 (lab)

Kimberly Jackson

Spelman Professor Named Governor's Teaching Fellow

Kimberly Jackson, Ph.D., was selected as a 2015 Governor’s Teaching Fellow for the summer symposium program.  As one of 14 faculty members from institutions of higher education across the state, Jackson was selected after a highly competitive application and selection process.

The Governor's Teaching Fellows Program was established in 1995 by Zell Miller, governor of Georgia, 1991-1999, to provide Georgia's higher education faculty with expanded opportunities for developing important teaching skills.  Governor Miller envisioned that this program would address faculty members' pressing need to use emerging technologies and instructional tools that are becoming increasingly important for learning in today's society.

The Governor’s Teaching Fellows Program is an outreach program of the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia.  To improve the quality of instruction in Georgia's colleges and universities, the Governor's Teaching Fellows Program assumes the complex challenge of moving college faculty members to the leading edge of instructional practice.  This effort to enhance instruction in public and private higher education statewide is very much in keeping with the University of Georgia's traditional mission as a land-grant institution committed to diversified outreach and public service.

To date, more than 75 different disciplines, professions and teaching areas have been represented by over 500 Fellows from more than 45 public and private institutions statewide. 

To learn more about the Institute of Higher Education and the Governor’s Teaching Fellows Program, including information on how to apply, go to


blue-quote-leftSpelman allows me to empower women of color to do dynamic science,” said Dr. Jackson, blue-quote-rightwho has mentored more than 30 students since arriving at Spelman College in 2002, providing them with research experiences in cancer therapeutics and drug discovery, said Jackson.

Dr. Jackson has been awarded close to $1 million in federal and private grant funds to investigate new therapies for advanced prostate cancer. In 2009, she was the recipient of a prestigious Marine Biological Laboratory Research Award. More recently, she has been awarded a visiting faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School in the Systems Biology department to continue her prostate cancer research.

“My tenure and promotion to associate professor of chemistry has given me the stability I need to continue training junior investigators and challenging them more academically. I also anticipate my research aspirations continuing to thrive and elevate to new heights.”