Academics: Faculty

Jimmeka Guillory, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
350 Spelman Lane SW, Box 275
Atlanta, GA 30318-4399
Office: 404-270-5807
Location: Giles Hall, 307

Dr. Jimmeka Guillory is originally from Beaumont, Texas. She earned her B.S. (2006), M.S. (2009) and her Ph.D. (2011) in cognitive psychology from Texas A&M University. During this time, Dr. Guillory was advised and mentored by Dr. Lisa Geraci, as well as Dr. Steven Smith. Dr. Guillory began her tenure as an assistant professor of psychology at Spelman College in the Fall of 2011.

Dr. Guillory’s research interests include the various levels of conscious experience associated with memory. Specifically her research focuses on inferences in memory, metacognition (how students learn and remember information), and aging and memory. In her first line of research, Dr. Guillory explores the persistence of incorrect inferences in memory and examines the factors that may allow people to overcome the lingering effects of false information. She is specifically interested in the political and medical applications belief perseverance.

In her second line of research, Dr. Guillory uses applied educational materials to examine how the information that students learn goes from episodic memories to more semantic type memories. Considering the various teaching tracks within the school systems, the education applications of this research are extensive.   

Finally, Dr. Guillory’s third line of research examines aging and memory. Older adults regularly show worse memory performance than younger adults on explicit tests that require them to attempt to recall the past, however, older adults only sometimes show impairments in performance when memory is tested implicitly. Dr. Guillory’s research explores the types of memory that do not change with age.


  • Experimental Design
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Statistics in Psychology (Stats I)

Recent Awards

NSF Southern Regional Educational Board State Doctoral Scholar (2006 – 2011)

Rochester Institute of Technology FFCEP Scholar (2010)


Guillory, J. J., & Geraci, L. (2010). The persistence of inferences in memory for younger and older adults: Remembering facts and believing inferences. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 17(1), 73-81.

Geraci, L., McCabe, D. P., & Guillory, J. J. (2009). On interpreting the relationship between remember–know judgments and confidence: The role of instructions. Consciousness and Cognition: An International Journal, 18(3), 701-709.

Working Papers and Research in Progress

Geraci, L., Hamilton, M., & Guillory, J. J.(submitted). The role of response competition and time of day on age effects in implicit memory.

Guillory, J. J., & Geraci, L. (in prep). Testing the role of source credibility on memory for inferences.

Guillory, J. J., Fazio, L., Marsh, E., & Geraci, L. (in prep). Examining the development of knowledge.

Guillory, J. J. (in progress). Inferences and the Negativity Effect.