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Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

Daryl White, Ph.D.

Office:  404-270-6053
Fax:      404-270-5632

I am an anthropologist who loves the broad, holistic, global nature of the anthropological study of society and culture. The countless interconnections, which link our everyday, lives with global processes and historical events fascinate me. And I deeply feel we must strive to understand these interconnections in order to responsibly shape our futures. I specialize in the study of religion, ritual, and other symbolic systems such as consumerism, advertising, and mass media. Most of my research has been about race, gender and sexuality issues in contemporary U.S. religion, and most of my writing on these topics is about southern Protestantism and Mormons. I enjoy teaching a wide range of courses in anthropology and sociology, and I participate in interdisciplinary courses such as African Diaspora and the World, Industrial Ecology, and anthropology/drama course in Ritual and Performance.

Daryl White is an anthropologist and member of the department since 1985. His teaching interests include the study of contemporary culture and mass media, social theory, and issues surrounding social stratification and power. Most of his research has been about religion, especially religion in the southern U.S. and Mormonism. He recently co-edited the book, Religion in the Contemporary South: Diversity, Community and Identity.

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