Academics: Faculty

Cornelia Gillyard

Cornelia Gillyard is professor of chemistry at Spelman College, where she has taught for more than 30 years. During this time, Dr. Gillyard has served in various administrative capacities, including department chair, associate provost for science programs and policy, director of the Health Careers Program, and director of Spelman’s Women in Science and Engineering program.

Her work with the ACS has been equally important. She has served in several roles, particularly with women chemists committee and the committee on minority affairs. Dr. Gillyard’s work has been recognized with the Spelman College Presidential Award for Outstanding Service and the NOBCCHE Henry C. McBay Outstanding Teacher Award.

Dr. Gillyard 's involvement with students includes classroom teaching, mentoring, academic advising and in directed research. She has mentored more than 30 students in directed research; 23 of these students have gone on to earn advanced degrees, including six doctorates, three doctorate candidates, six medical degrees, three doctor of dentistry degrees, one doctor of pharmacy graduate, and five master's degrees. Gillyard’s formal mentoring activities also include service with several programs, including the NASA Women in Science and Engineering Scholars, the ACS Scholars Program and the ExxonMobil Scholars Program.

The NASA WISE Scholars Program has served more than 320 Spelman women; more than50 percent have earned graduate and professional degrees including three recipients of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists.  Those students included Monica Cox, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering education at Purdue University; Adrienne Stiff Roberts, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, Duke University and Chekesha Bradford Liddell, Ph.D., assistant professor of material sciences at Cornell University. Liddell is one of Gillyard’s former research students at Spelman College. Other doctorate recipients include three graduates of the ACS Scholars Program.

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