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Colm Mulcahy, Ph.D.

Colm Mulcahy, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Department of Mathematics
322 Albro-Falconer-Manley Center
Spelman College, PO Box 953
350 Spelman Lane SW
Atlanta, GA 30314, USA

(always the quickest way to reach me)
Phone: 404-270-5837
Fax: 404-270-5836

Dr. Mulcahy Performs 'Mathemagic With a Deck of Cards'

Widely known for his use of mind-boggling math-based card tricks, Colm Mulcahy, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, recently published the book, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects, which offers an entertaining look at new mathematically based card tricks suitable for all fans of magic.  Learn more at

Of the 20+ classes taught, favorites include:

  • 107 (Contemporary Mathematics)
  • 193 (Honors Quantitative Reasoning)
  • 252 (Calculus II)
  • 322 (Geometry)
  • 361 (Theory of Numbers)

Ph.D. Cornell University
M.A. Cornell University
M.Sc. University College Dublin (Ireland)
B.Sc. University College Dublin (Ireland)

Current Interests 
Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Image Compression, Mathematical Magic.


  • 2013 – Spelman College's Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship (senior category)
  • 2011 – Faculty Innovation and Initiative Award from Spelman College’s Faculty Council
  • 2001 – Fannie Lou Hamer Award for community service, awarded by Spelman College Board of Trustees
  • 1997 – Carl B. Allendoerfer Award for excellence in exposition, for “Plotting and Scheming with Wavelets” paper in Mathematics Magazine (December 1996), awarded by the Mathematical Association of America

Published book "Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects"

Banquet Talk, 2012 Annual Meeting of the Michigan MAA and MichMATYC, Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan, May 4, 2012

14th Annual George Kitchen Memorial Lecture, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 3 May 2012.

13 Apr 2012 interview on The Math Factor (15 minute podcast). In the first 5 minutes the hosts discuss a fun problem posed earlier, on 16 Mar 2012, which we recommend solving before tuning in. The last 10 minutes sees Colm discuss Gathering 4 Gardner 10 and a card effect.

Click here for 90 second clip of Card Colm in action in June 2010 (released September).

Card Colm -- Celebration of Mind

AJC guest Colm on The best friend mathematics ever had (21 Oct 2010).

Colm was quoted in the WSJ on Wolfram Alpha. See:  here and there (16 & 17 Jun 2009).

Card Colm puzzle in the NYT (it's the second puzzle there). The solution is here (Dec 2009).

Another Card Colm puzzle in the NYT (10 May 2010). The solution is here (7 June 2010).

Colm got Wired back in the 1990s.

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