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FYE SpEl.Folio Assignments

2013 - 2014

My Spelman Experience Reflection 1 Assignment

Length: 700-1000 words
Due Date: October 3, 2013

Reflection About the Liberal Arts and Spelman’s Intellectual Community

You have listened to Dr. Johnnella E. Butler’s talk about a liberal arts education and the importance of contributing to and participating in the academic community here and abroad.  As you are aware, the First Year Experience has a focus on your membership in an intellectual community that will strengthen your experience of the Spelman MILE.  For Free Thinking Women, integrating your personal experience with the range of knowledge and skills developed through the academic curriculum is a key to your vision and attainment of your goals.

Compose an essay. Present your own goals, both short- and long-term, from your Spelman education and comment on how they relate to your past and your broader experience of the world.  You will also wish to edit your draft of this essay with some care—making your points as clear and readable as possible.


Dr. Johnnella Butler: "Becoming a Free Thinking Woman"
Developing an Intellectual Community

My Spelman Experience Reflection 2 Assignment

Length: 800 -1000 words
Due Date: November 7, 2013

During this semester, you have had opportunities to reflect upon the intellectual climate—through extra-curricular experience, the curriculum, and, in particular, through the voluntary blog that accompanies the FYE course.  Has your experience of Spelman and the opportunities for growth here changed or deepened any of the goals you chose to discuss in Reflection 1?

Compose an essay that analyzes any changes or new considerations in your view of academic work, career goals, or the qualities of character you may wish to have. Alternatively, you may confirm and explain the consistency of your goals. In doing so you may wish to discuss influences on your current perspective or the views you articulated earlier. Make each point as clear and readable as possible. This second essay will be scored with the same rubric applied to Reflection 1.

Community Service Reflection Assignment

Length: 800-1000 words
Due Date: April 3, 2014

As you know, your community service during the first year constitutes an important source of discovery and self-evaluation. It is best to formulate connections as soon as possible.  Your interactions with the organization you have chosen constitute important moments for examining the values of the community and your own personal goals and values. If you have fulfilled your service with a variety of activities, please select one of those or, perhaps, identify and discuss an experience you have had in the past.  Be sure to review the rubric for assessment. 

Compose a reflective essay about your community service experience this year and the new understandings you have derived from it. Include an assessment of the mission of the agency where you volunteered, how your service helped to fulfill the agency’s mission, what you hoped to learn from the experience, and the extent to which your learning goals were achieved. Also, describe your current understanding of how social change occurs, using your agency’s work as an example, if you choose. Finally, if you were directing the agency, describe how you might improve the way it functions. Examine the actions you would take as such a leader—and how those actions relate to your experience and observation.

You will be evaluated on your ability to analyze your experience and present specifics about your own goals and the potential achievements of the agency you worked for. At the same time, good critical thinking and writing depend upon a clear, direct, and concrete use of language.

The First Year Writing Portfolio Assignment 

Due Date: April 17, 2014

For Instructions, go to the Writing Center.

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