Academics: Academic Support

Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

The Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center of Spelman College was created July 1, 1993. Since its inception, the Center has provided students with a comprehensive and diverse program for academic support. The Center’s services complement the courses taught at the College and assist students in achieving their full academic potential. Any student enrolled at the College may use the Center.

This comprehensive center is designed to serve the College-at-large. It offers learning and enrichment opportunities at several levels including regularly scheduled courses, laboratory instruction, academic advisement, peer tutoring and academic workshops. The Center also assesses students’ academic needs and makes referrals to appropriate campus resources.

Additionally, the Center provides instruction in study techniques and the application of learning strategies that students need to complete assignments, master course content and ultimately attain their academic goals. The major objective is to EMPOWER students who will become creative, independent learners and problem solvers capable of processing and handling volumes of information.

Peer Tutors

Peer tutoring is available by appointment on a regular or drop-in basis throughout the academic year. Our peer tutors are certified by College Reading and Language Association (C.R.L.A.) and properly trained to assist students in mastering their areas of difficulty. Students may receive assistance in study techniques, content area reading, note-taking, test-wise strategies, problem solving and communication skills. Our peer tutors are positive, enthusiastic and sincere about helping their peers. Students may come to the Learning Resources Center for assistance or they may send an e-mail to

Academic Advising

As a service, the Learning Resources Center offers academic advising. The Center serves as an initial resource for students who are interested in exploring the various academic options at the College. For those students who have not declared a major (first year students and sophomores), the Center clarifies the College’s general and core educational requirements. For those students wishing to change their major, the Center provides suggestions for combining academic options with personal interests.

Resource Materials

Reference materials are available for student use to assist them in becoming efficient in their studies and research skills. Videotapes and/or handouts on specific study strategies and selected Student Success Workshops are also available for student use.

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