Academics: Academic Support

Spelman College Graduates with President Beverly Daniel Tatum

Academic Support

Several programs are available at the College to ensure that your academic experience is "Nothing less than the Best." Be sure to take advantage of these resources throughout the year. 

The Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center provides academic support and learning enrichment opportunities to all Spelman students. Regularly scheduled workshops and laboratory instruction, as well as instruction in study techniques and learning strategies to help students achieve their full academic potential are offered. In most subjects, peer tutors are available by appointment or on a drop-in basis. Academic advisers are available to counsel students who want to explore various academic options or change majors.

The Office of Assessment of Student Learning and Development

This office assists students in numerous ways including, but not limited to: the administration of assessment instruments for the College Program, test preparation/ test-taking skills development in group or individual sessions, and administration and monitoring of academic and/or employment instruments upon request from other schools or for employment purposes.

A number of services are also provided for faculty and staff. Visit the Office of Assessment of Student Learning and Development to discover the range of services offered.

The Writing Center 

The Writing Center coordinates Spelman's Comprehensive Writing Program. The center gives assistance at every stage of the writing process and offers a range of print, audio-visual and computer resources. Writing Program tutors are recommended by their professors on the basis of their excellent writing skills, interpersonal communication skills, patience and maturity.

The Office of Disability Services

The purpose of the ODS is to create an academic, social and physically accessible environment for students with disabilities by removing obstacles to learning. All students with documented disabilities are eligible for services. 

Additional tutorial support may be found in the Language Lab, Mathematics Lab, and through various courses in the sciences via the Supplemental Instruction Program.