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English 384a 'Sustainable Spelman' Initiative

Students in professor Margaret Price's English 384 class did their part to raise awareness to make Spelman a more sustainable campus.

As part of the monthlong "Sustainable Spelman" poster design project, students in Dr. Price's Rhetorics of Advertising class developed posters designed to be persuasive, educational and promotional. Using rhetorical principles learned in class, the students researched and gathered specific data from members of the Sustainable Spelman team and collaborated with members of the design team from The Epsten Group, a local sustainable architecture firm, to create posters detailing ways the campus community can become more sustainable.

Some ideas included using less water; turning off lights and computers when not in use; recycling trash; eating less meat; using renewable water bottles; and paying bills online. Dr. Price said the project allowed students to hone their research, writing and design skills in a real-world, rhetorical situation.

Guidelines for poster creation
Posters created by Moeko Tanaka, Sterling Danzy and Taylor Yarbrough.