About Us: Strategic Plan/GOALS

Faculty GOALS

Day in and day out, Spelman faculty have a significant impact on our mission to educate our students to lead and serve their communities and the world. As primary guides for students, our professors need opportunities that enable them to nurture thoughtful, skilled, and responsible leaders who are able to communicate in and navigate through changing geopolitical realities.

Spelman’s iconic representative is the millennial professor. To this end, we are strengthening our Faculty Development Program to be comprehensive — recruiting and retaining talented individuals who pursue creative, rigorous scholarship and course development within their disciplines and in multidisciplinary ventures. These professors will also lead the way in internationalizing the curriculum. Spelman’s Center for Teaching and Learning will serve as a catalyst for this kind of innovative scholarship, for tailoring it to our young women of color, and for promoting synergies among teaching, research, and service. Additionally, it will enhance our professors’ development, particularly in digital pedagogy, and assist their integration of leading-edge technology into instruction and research.

Millennial Professors for Today's Student

Our millennial professors will also connect students with opportunities for applied research and career-related internships. A College-wide program, this initiative will establish shared learning outcomes across all majors and departments as well as specific outcomes tied to departments, majors, and minors. Moreover, they will help students integrate this hands-on experience with coursework and practical skills via a more comprehensive model of advising. The transformative experience for faculty also extends to participation in shared governance, such as the institution of self- and peer- evaluation systems on teaching effectiveness and expanding peer recognition of excellence in teaching. Our faculty GOALS are:

Global engagement, from initiatives to internationalize the curriculum to participation in conferences worldwide;
Ongoing professional development— intellectual, pedagogical, and technological;
Advising students to prepare not only for careers but for lives of success, leadership, and service;
Leadership through participation in shared governance; and
Service learning integrated across the curriculum.

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