About Us: Strategic Plan/GOALS

Community Partners GOALS

Spelman’s historic, 32-acre campus adjoins a vibrant scholarly community and neighborhoods that lacks the resources to live up to its innate potential. At Spelman, we understands that the institution and community must grow together. The College is committing its considerable human and intellectual resources to the development of a “greener,” more livable and secure environment.

Every student fulfills a community-service requirement, beginning in her first year. Our 80 Bonner Scholars lead the way, with at least 140 hours each semester and two summers of service-related internships.

Strategic partnerships will enable us to carry out our vision of a city that, like a free-thinking woman, exemplifies continued intellectual growth, leadership, service, and success. To generate environmental action with our neighbors, Spelman will work with local businesses and organizations to make life here healthier and more sustainable. By partnering with land and economic developers, planners and environmentalists, we intend to strengthen the community core and revitalize our surrounding neighborhoods. To nurture the abilities of local residents, we plan to work with area businesses and organizations to create skill-building programs and developmental initiatives. With community leaders, we will provide leadership for implementing positive economic and social change. Most fundamentally, we affirm our ongoing collaboration as part of the Atlanta University Center Consortium with the Atlanta Police Department, and local residents to maintain a safe, secure environment. Our community partners’ GOALS are:

Global perspective expressed through sustainability initiatives developed with Spelman;
Outreach through community service, which aims to revitalize Atlanta communities;
Anchoring our College in the community by enhancing the skills of those we serve;
Leadership development to implement our shared vision for the surrounding neighborhoods and raise the resources that vision requires; and
Safety and security of our community through civic partnerships and alliances with local leaders.

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