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January - March 2016   

Steering Committee

Small group of administrators and representatives of the Faculty Council, Arts Steering Committee and operations assessment committee formed to serve as a steering committee. The steering committee gathered and reviewed internal and external documents (including published research and national reports) and created a planning framework.

  1. Assessment of progress towards existing goals
  2. Envisioning the strategic climate (include external trends and  climate, internal data gathering and analysis, engage targeted stakeholders)
  3. Operational map
  4. Critical academic and program reviews (Office of the Provost)

March 2016 – August 2016

Form a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), comprised of working groups, to guide deliberation throughout the Spelman Community of key strategic areas. 

Launch planning website.

  1. Guiding questions facilitate input from faculty, students and other existing advisory groups members, including elected faculty and chairs of existing Spelman standing/steering committees, especially those aligned with the six strategic possibilities referenced above, as well as student leaders and community partners.
  2. SPC begins the work of identifying a corresponding set of objectives for targeted goals and a set of success metrics.
  3. Spelman community can provide ideas, input, feedback to working groups or via the web.

June 2016

Spelman Board of Trustees  review strategic areas, goals, tactics and assessment metrics.

July 2016 – August 2016

Draft Preliminary 2017-2022 Plan

August 2016 – September 2016

Present the [almost] Final Plan to the Community; make revisions as necessary

October 2016

Approved and Adopted by Spelman Board of Trustees