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Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan will be a manifesto of the impact of a Spelman education and our commitment to uphold our new community covenant. As part of the planning process, students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumnae and friends of Spelman are offering input to collectively develop our future.

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Theme 1 – Heighten Intellectual Excellence

How do living, learning, and leadership opportunities strengthen Spelman's intellectual excellence? How does Spelman gain recognition and visibility for existing pedagogical innovation?

Brainstorm initiatives to strengthen Spelman's intellectual and academic excellence.

Theme 2 – Leverage Spelman's Impact

What strategic partnerships, communications strategies, or funding initiatives might heighten Spelman's impact?

Brainstorm initiatives to heighten Spelman's impact.

Theme 3 – Optimize Organizational Productivity

How can Spelman foster a collaborative, results-oriented environment that optimizes the use of technology and provides optimal talent development opportunities for everyone who works here?

Brainstorm initiatives to enhance collaboration among campus divisions and provide talent development opportunities.

Theme 4 – Broaden Student-Centered Innovation

How might Spelman encourage student-centered innovation including developing new student pipelines, streamlining student processes, focusing on increasing student graduation rates, and investing in high impact practices?

Brainstorm initiatives that keep Spelman at the forefront of student-centered innovation.