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Board of Trustees

Spelman College Board of Trustees

The board provides strategic leadership to the College by employing its members' expertise in everything from finance and international affairs to philanthropy and science.

Trustee Responsibilities

A trustee acts as a member of the governing board of Spelman College which is responsible for basic oversight and governance of the institution including election of the president of the College; basic educational and fiscal policy; the granting of degrees; and promotion and tenure of faculty based on the recommendation of the president. The board’s authority as a governing body is set forth in the bylaws and is not managerial or operational in nature. Individual trustees have no authority independent of the board.

DeBorah D. Wilson
Clerk of the Board of Trustees

Meet the Board


Daphne L. Smith, C'80, National Alumnae Association Spelman College President
Romie Tribble, Faculty Council President
Mary Pickard, C'2015, Spelman Student Government Association President

Life Trustees:

Laura Chasin
Peggy Dulany, Ed.D.
Marian Wright Edelman, Esq., C’60
Russell Edgerton, Ph.D.
Robert Holland, Jr.
June Gary Hopps, Ph.D., C’60
Yvonne Jackson, C'70 
Elizabeth McCormack, Ph.D.
G.G. Michelson

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